Bangladesh Idol


Bangladeshi Idol, the world’s largest music talent show was primed to hit the country with Idol fever from early February 2013. Part of the famous Idol franchise launched by Simon Fuller initially in UK (2001) as Pop Idol, the Idol franchise has spawned Idols in more than 40 countries including United States of America, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Singapore and so on.

In Bangladesh, intense preparations were made to launch Bangladeshi Idol for the first time by the American-based production and distribution house – Delta Bay. As part of the preparations, they were looking for an easy and seamless way to conduct mass registration and voting of Bangladesh Idol participants (across 6 operators) onto the show. For the massive reality show like this, one key challenge was to manage a very high volume of mass traffic and the credibility and success of the show primarily depended on this management.


SSD-TECH proposed BD Idol, an SMS and IVR based tele-voting service for this major reality show using the short code 3690.

In phase one of roll out, ssd-tech would take care of the registration portion.


For registering via SMS, all a Bangladeshi registrant had to do was to SMS: START <space> IDOL <space> ZONE CODE <space> GENDER <space> AGE. Once this was done, s/he had to send it to 3690 and write M for Male and F for Female.


IVR also made this process simpler to register via a simple phone call. A registrant just had to dial the short code 3690 to register. The same process would be applicable for phase 2 of voting as well.

Through these 2 channels, ssd-tech supported a total of 35.74 million traffic of SMS and IVR seamlessly. SSD-TECH’s technical support was a key enabler to the grand success of the show.


The key deliverables of the project were:

  • SSD-TECH delivered efficient process integration of tele-voting via SMS and IVR that was easily accessible for voters from all over Bangladesh, and that was easily implemented with 6 telecom operators.
  • Bangladeshis could participate in, vote and engage with their favorite Idol reality show as mobile telecommunication had the highest penetration rate in the country compared to other channels of delivery/communications. They could do so for just BDT 2/minute or 33 paisa/10 second pulse.The key deliverables of the project were:

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