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Imagine having a weekly audience of 188 million (and growing exponentially) at your disposal! The BBC World Service is the world’s largest international broadcaster, operating in 27 languages and covering many parts of the world via analogue and digital shortwave, Internet streaming and pod casting, satellite, FM and MW relays.


News remains a core service for the BBC World Service and delivering news through the mobile channel was an extension for BBC in Bangladesh. Given the universal penetration of mobile phones in the country, BBC World Service saw the opportunity to use this medium to expand its coverage further. The politically independent, commercial free and non-profit making organization began to look out for suitable technological service providers in Bangladesh who would be able to help them achieve this goal.


SSD-TECH was asked to propose a solution, their views on the scope, and how such a beneficial news service for Bangladeshi citizens might be implemented.

The company’s earlier success in implementing an English learning project for BBC (dubbed BBC Janala) played a huge role in BBC’s confidence on ssd-tech as a trusted supplier. In October 2010, BBC signed with ssd-tech an agreement to roll out the BBC Bangla News Service to be delivered via mobile phones.


SSD-TECH’s proposed solution is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR)-based news service where users can easily dial a specific short code and listen to hourly Bangla news updates on the go, supplied by BBC. In addition to that, users would have the ability to provide feedback to certain news contents like updates and quizzes through SMS and voice recording. SSD-TECH acted as a technical partner for BBC to provide the solution on a managed service model using the existing platforms across all operators in Bangladesh.


SSD-TECH designed a Centralized Content Management System in real-time across six different mobile telecommunications providers in Bangladesh with a Content Upload Panel over web and through Mobile Reporting Panels. This will regularly update and show HIT-IVR and SMS, Pulse, Total Charge, Unique User, Repeat User History and all key demographic statistics of the users.



Upload content from a single place to all 6 operators and also extract reports of all operators from a single place.

The key deliverables of the project were:

  • Design the solution on existing Voice Service Delivery Platform (VSDP)
  • Complete solution architecture and network diagram
  • Customization & configuration of SMS application and IVR menu tree with agreed service logics
  • Customization & configuration of reporting and customer care module
  • Site preparation and implementation of the service in operator premises
  • Monthly performance report as per Operations & Maintenance SLA
  • 8 weeks for project completion & high standards of customer satisfaction
  • The project was rolled out in swift manner and there were close liaisons between ssd-tech’s Project Manager and the BBC team to ensure the complete delivery of the project, smooth deployment to application, and countrywide notification to the customers of six operators about the newly launched news service.
  • Training was also conducted to familiarize facilitators on the application


BBC Bangla News service is now one of the most popular mobile-based news services in Bangladesh. For BBC, this was a significant milestone, another great distribution channel, and an innovative addition to their varied news broadcasting service platforms. At the end of the day, it also added to the bottom-line providing a good source of recurring revenue stream for all involved.


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