Today, there is a growing pool of Bangladeshi migrant and knowledge workers in Malaysia. These are a quite nationalistic group of people who love staying in touch with the latest news of Bangladesh. The only drawback for them is that most of them do not read and write English well, and most foreign labors are neither connected to the Internet nor have the time to keep up with the newest updates.


OBD stands for Out Bound Dialing. The machine platform will call selected Digi subscribers (foreign workers) from a given database and play a pre-recorded interactive promo message inviting them to subscribe to the news service.

Users will then be able to respond by pressing the given keys and can directly subscribe different IVR  services by pressing the ‘One’ (1) key. Once they press 1, the system will automatically make them subscribers of that certain service and they can listen that service on the go, anytime, anywhere; also, the same system can deduct the subscription fees from their mobile credit balance. An SMS confirmation message will further be sent to verify credit usage.


  • Mobile Advertising. As most of the migrant workers in Malaysia do not have internet connection and mostly they are not reachable by conventional media (e.g. TV, News Paper, Website FM Radio), mobile advertisement is the only solution to reach them, as most of them has mobile phones. Also, as most of them are not familiar with English alphabets, English language as a medium normally does not have much impact on them. To ease this problems and to cater this huge population, voice based advertisement like Automatic Out Bound Dialing (OBD) has become the unsung hero.
  • Reaching People from All over Malaysia. OBD provided the unique opportunity to ssd-tech and DiGi to reach out to customers from all over Malaysia. As Bangladeshi migrants stay in different remote places in a very scattered fashion, it is not very easy to reach them by any other medium. OBD provides a very personalized way to reach them personally and promote the services they want.


Now, Bangladeshi migrant workers in Malaysia can listen to news of their own land on the go, in their own familiar lingo – without ever having to feel out of touch or homesick. The Digi OBD is a highly personalized service offered to thousands of Bangladeshis, enabling them a direct channel to stay updated – affordably and conveniently. It does not matter if they are not connected to the Internet, not on Facebook, or cannot access through FM radio. They only need to plug-in to Digi OBD on their hand sets to stay connected. SSD-TECH plans to expand this service to the world to benefit foreign workers, everywhere!


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