Flexible Charging at GP SIVR


Grameenphone, widely known as GP, is the largest mobile phone and leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh with more than 48.85 million subscribers (as of April 2014). It was originally founded with the idea of providing universal mobile phone access throughout Bangladesh including rural areas. To fulfill its commitment, GP was focusing on developing more useful and easily accessible IVR services. To fascinate the mass subscribers especially from the rural areas, GP is looking for a very flexible dynamic charging solution that can enable micro level charging.


In Bangladesh, though the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is not very high, the number of users are very high. So it is always beneficial for GP to have flexible charging system that can provide very customized & user centric charging mechanism. SSD-TECH’s charging gateway, was chosen for this service, as it can provide different slab base, time base & content base charging.


SSD-TECH’s key strength is its own charging gateway that can be integrated to either prepaid & postpaid subscribers. Its powerful real time charging interface offers dynamic pricing mix to the market ranging from content-based real time charging over a single call to subscription-based charging. This was a major value ssd-tech brought to the table as a Bangladeshi solutions provider with significant local market experience.


SSD-TECH’s charging gateway supports differential charging, so that it is possible to charge different rates to different groups and also in different time slot. Besides, it also supports MT & reverse MT charging, different subscriptions charging, and also can charge based on content. Another key feature of this charging gateway is that it can charge a user different rates in a single call. It also has the promotional planning features, where user can try some service for free and then can buy if they really like it.


As an aggregator of all voice based services of GP, ssd-tech’s Charging Gateway plays a vital role to ensure both subscribers & content providers benefits. This Charging Gateway was able to deliver the following capabilities, thereby enhancing GP’s service offerings:

  • Differential Charging–Charging based on User Group; time slot based charging in different times of the day
  • MT Charging–Reverse charging for calls; SMS charged on receipt
  • Subscription Charging–Different subscription amounts can be charged at registration; user can be registered based on automatic fallback subscription method.
  • Slab based Charging–A single call can be charged at multiple rates. 
  • Content Specific Charging–Different contents can be charged at different rates.
  • Data/ MMS Charging–Spontaneous data charging is ensured; MMS charging can also be differentiated as per content


With this SIVR project, the relationship between ssd-tech & GP has reached to a new level. By providing different services with different billing option, ssd-tech’s Charging Gateway has proven its strength by increasing revenue earning from IVR services for GP. An in depth understanding of GP’s business has resulted in a solid and sustained partnership with the nation’s largest telecom operator, creating endless opportunities for more innovations in times to come.


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