GP SIVR – Managed VAS


Grameenphone, widely known as GP, is the largest mobile phone and leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh with more than 48.85 million subscribers (as of April 2014). It was originally founded with the idea of providing universal mobile phone access throughout Bangladesh including rural areas. With the need for highly available, easily scalable, flexibly priced and integrated mobile phone services, GP was looking for a single IVR (Interactive Voice Response) platform to serve all its future voice based services.


Serving most of Bangladesh, GP’s high level requirements included: Speech Recognition with Bengali dialect, SDK for Service Creation, Live and Prerecorded Content Streaming, Call Routing to other platforms, Call Hunting, Conferencing, Out Dialer, Text to Speech, Differential Charging including subscription, Content Management, Q&M Integration, Customer Care Interface, Performance Reporting and Testing – among others! The question remained: Was there a single automated and efficient approach to reach out to such a large pool of audience by phone?


SSD-TECH’s key strength is its own Service Delivery Platform covering all channels including Voice, SMS and Data.

SIVR is a single IVR platform for all voice based services with CP Content Management and Reporting Portal, Centralized Service Provisioning, High volume call processing, High and flexible charging facilities. Its powerful real time charging interface offers dynamic pricing mix to the market ranging from content-based real time charging over a single call to subscription-based charging. This was a major value ssd-tech brought to the table as a Bangladeshi solutions provider with significant local market experience.


SIVR aggregates all of GP’s voice-based services using highly scalable architecture. It would have N+1 redundancy, meaning a power backup in place should any single system component be compromised. Its IP based signaling and media handling enabled quicker deployment and faster scalability over commonly available Intel servers.


With the amazing capability to handle multiple voice-based VAS using a single hardware platform over different access codes, ssd-tech’s platform was the ideal solution for the country’s rapidly expanding telecom service provider. GP could differentiate itself with innovative new services and customized business models with an efficient tool like SIVR.


As an aggregator of all voice based services of GP, ssd-tech was able to deliver the following capabilities, thereby enhancing GP’s service offerings:

  • Delivery of service across all channels Voice, SMS and Data.
  • Handling and Tracking of targeted promotional campaigns
  • Customer Life Cycle for each and every service
  • Cross Selling and Bundling of Services
  • Dynamic Charging and Product Management
  • And extensive Business Intelligence Reporting


For the last couple of years, ssd-tech remains one of GP’s finest and trusted service providers furnishing their service portfolio with an array of functional innovative solutions/applications suited for the Bangladeshi market. An in depth understanding of GP’s business has resulted in a solid and sustained partnership with the nation’s largest telecom operator, creating endless opportunities for more innovation in times to come.


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