Grameenphone Video Doctor


In rural areas of Bangladesh, most families do not have Internet connection and are located far out of reach from health care services of hospitals or medical professionals. What if an emergency – an acute stomach pain or mild stroke – happened requiring immediate medical attention to arrest the situation before it spirals out of control?


Worsening the situation even further, many Bangladeshis living in such remote locations also do not know how to read or write hampering their ability to access healthcare information. But they know how to make a simple phone call…


SSD-Tech came up with the first Video IVR service in Bangladesh in partnership with Grameenphone to tackle this problem head on.


Video Doctor is the newest product in the Healthline service portfolio of Grameenphone Ltd. providing medical consultation services to patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over mobile phone.


At the time of need, any Grameenphone subscriber can pick up the phone and place a call to the Healthline service by dialing the simple short code 789. The service enables callers to initiate a direct video conversation with the Healthline physicians, trained doctors. And if a particular doctor is not available, the queue system kicks in – forwarding one’s call instantly to the next available doctor.


  • Highly accessible, anytime, anywhere. Any Grameenphone customer who has a basic 3G activated and video call enabled handset will be able to use this service by making a simple video call to the short code 789 from his phone. The Video doctor is all about convenience: you can just make a video call and talk to a doctor, it is as simple as that. A data connection is not required, it is over 3G Call. A separate application is not required either; all you need is a 3G phone that supports video calling.
  • Trained doctor in the house It’s quick, easy and universally available. Also, the doctors put on queue are all trained personnel, available 24/7.
  • Cost effective The service is also extremely affordable, costing only BDT 10 taka per minute (10 second pulse applicable) + 15% VAT.

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