Habib Jewels’ Unified GW


Habib Jewels Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s first listed jeweler and ranked amongst the top 5 Asian brands in ‘retail jewellery’ in Campaign Asia Pacific and TNS’ Asia’s Top 1,000 Brands rankings. The renowned regional brand has expanded its business throughout the decades to emerge as a fully integrated jeweler involved in wholesaling, retailing, manufacturing, marketing and franchising. As a fast-growing business with immense traction and footprints across the region, Habib Jewels Sdn Bhd needed a more integrated way to manage its companies’ network communications in a much more informed and efficient way.


With ssd-tech’s Unified Gateway, Habib Jewels Sdn Bhd would have all of its communications – voice calls, video, messaging, data and Internet – centralized and managed from one single integrated point.

The company would have a complete bird’s eye view over how their employees were utilizing the network; what sites they were visiting, which services they were employing, what worked and did not, and how much capacity was actually required for those day-to-day tasks.


Based on those measured needs, the Unified Gateway could help Habib Jewels Sdn Bhd manage network resources such as Internet access and bandwidth usage more efficiently, channeling the right energy where it was most needed.


The Unified Gateway serves, first of all, as a network router connecting all the devices of a company’s network through a single, centralized, protected gateway to ensure overall flow of communication and connectivity. It further lets large organizations like Habib Jewels Sdn Bhd monitor, profile and control individual bandwidth, company-wide – on an easy-to-manage 100% GUI-based platform.


Some of the key deliverables ssd-tech achieved for Habib Jewels Sdn Bhd through its Unified Gateway platform include:

  • Internet Gateway: All the devices of Habib Jewel Sdn Bhd’s office network would connect to the Internet through this gateway.
  • Access Management of Internet Traffic: Allow access to only certain Internet sites required, e.g., ability to block certain sites like Facebook.
  • Network Protection: Internal servers and users remain unexposed from the Internet. Only certain servers or services (e.g. http, mail etc.) of servers can be made available to the Internet.
  • Faster Browsing through Caching of Content: In-built proxy of Internet gateway enables faster Internet experience for the internal users.
  • Dynamic IP Assignment of Network Nodes: Acts as a DHCP server that controls automated IP assignment of different network nodes. Fixed IPs can be assigned to certain privileged nodes.
  • Bandwidth Controller: Network Administrators can control bandwidth not only for internal nodes, but for nodes in the Internet as well, e.g., bandwidth for Facebook or YouTube access.
  • Bandwidth Profiling: Generate bandwidth usage profile, e.g., Which user or external site is consuming most bandwidth and identify who is using which site and to what extent
  • Soft Switch: To serve Voice, Video and Messaging communications
  • Services Gateway: Can serve as an IP PBX for internal users and as a gateway for calling outside the network. The Soft switch supports SIP and SIGTRAN/BICC.
  • Voice Gateway without Dedicated Real IP: Can be deployed in remote sites as a voice gateway where real IP is not available. It acts as a proxy and connects to a central Unified Gateway for voice, video and messaging services.
  • Incredibly Easy to Deploy: Can be installed in one’s company network as nearly Plug and Play. Less power, space and management overhead, and comes with a web-based management console and CLI

All these benefits were delivered through a single powerful device no bigger than a cake box! SSD-TECH remains committed to keeping tabs on the Unified Gateway’s platform acceptance in Habib Jewel Sdn Bhd’s working environment, as well as maintenance of the device from implementation to deployment.


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