Mobile Drama and Movies


In Bangladesh, the majority of adult women consists of stay-at-home housewives. While the husbands go out to work and children spend their day at school, women tend to occupy most of their hours in cooking, sewing and cleaning. In rural areas, most women go entirely without PCs and satellite TVs, plus the power supply tends to cut off at least four to five hours every day. With little or no electricity supply at all, radio tends to be the only form of entertainment for women.


SSD-TECH invented the Mobile Drama & Movies, bringing back one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the late 80’s – Radio Drama –

on to the highly accessible mobile phone (IVR call). Through this innovative service, users can listen to their favorite drama stories, talk shows, jokes and other programs by calling a specific number. SSD-TECH innovated on content production i.e. tailored and came up with innovative content idea for IVR, considering the channel and window of attention factor.


SSD-TECH even helped source the quality contents that would go into these popular dramas, hiring famous artistes and storytellers to regale listeners with dramatic action series that always ends with a cliffhanger and begs for continuation!


Every drama consists of a few episodes, recorded at the studio and uploaded daily onto the system. Best of all, listeners can comment and interact with the shows, giving their opinion on how it could be improved. They can also repeat the shows, or choose to listen to it later.



  • Unique and cost effective form of entertainment for 80% of Bangladeshi housewives who do not go out to work
  • Quality contents uploaded daily and refreshed based on continuous feedback via IVR
  • Ability to interact with the shows, repeat a particular show, or listen to it later
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere, through any basic 3G hand set
  • Pay-as-you-go subscription model


To date, Mobile Drama has a subscriber base of around 100,000 listeners who call in every day to keep up with their favorite drama series or other exciting programs. This service is now available to all Bangladeshi mobile users. SSD-TECH provides this service for migrant Bangladeshis in Malaysia today via the country’s two telecommunications operator heavyweights – DiGi and Celcom.


The Mobile Dramas are not just one-way as well, like the usual TV shows. Listeners may participate in the excitement and offer their feedbacks via IVR as their opinion matters greatly. It continues to be a highly sought after entertainment and personalized service for Bangladeshis who simply love filling their time listening to good old- fashioned drama stories.


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