Petronas Intranet – Sharepoint Dev.


Petronas is a Malaysian oil and gas company vested with the entire oil and gas resources in Malaysia. It is ranked among Fortune Global 500’s largest corporations in the world as the 12th most profitable company in the world, and the most profitable in Asia. Petronas has grown to be an integrated international oil and gas company with 24 subsidiaries and branches located across Malaysia alone, among which include the Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad (PCG).


With nearly three decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, PCG is a leading integrated chemicals producer in Malaysia and one of the largest in South East Asia, operating a number of production sites. PCG is currently involved in manufacturing, marketing and selling a diversified range of chemical products.


With so much at stake, it wasn’t surprising for PCG to approach ssd-tech with its intention to build an Intranet system for its internal users. The goal was to have a more secured, scalable and resilient online system to consolidate information and documents of all its many subsidiaries and branches, nation-wide. From branch or subsidiary company point to point, the Intranet system would ensure ease of communication among thousands of PCG staff, not to mention security of information passed – isolated from the worldwide Internet.


SSD-TECH designed, developed, deployed and maintained the Intranet system using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 content.

Its scope also included preparation of necessary documentation and report of the work done, knowledge transfer and a post live support for one week. A Test Plan and Test Scripts were prepared to test the system’s new environment internally and finally with clients before going live. Once fully tested, it would be hosted inside iPerintis’ server environment.


The main aim of the Intranet project was to bring together all PCG staff from different offices and subsidies located in different parts of Malaysia (namely Kuala Lumpur, Kerteh, Kuantan and Bintulu) onto one integrated, closed, protected platform. Within this safe environment, they could share their experiences, journeys and happenings, and feel like members of one family.


The platform also served as a single ‘information disbursement’ point for the Group Human Resource, Corporate Office, CEO and Office Management departments. More importantly, the HSE team used it as their main platform to share best practices, rules and regulations, as well as tips and briefings.


After coming up with 6 light-weight and user-friendly designs using the SharePoint template and then incorporating them within a robust final version of the site with additional features and customized pages, ssd-tech would deliver the following deliverables according to schedule:


All in all, PCG’s Intranet system would enable all its thousands of Malaysian-based employees located in separate branches and subsidiaries across the country to connect, communicate and exchange information on a secure, scalable, resilient online network. Throughout every stage of implementation, ssd-tech worked closely with PCG’s IT team to make sure all systems go, and keep going fine.


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