Robi Iftar Campaign


What does it take to build a system for a telecommunication giant that rewards customers during a celebratory period? During the month of Ramadan, Robi ran a special rewards campaign for loyal subscribers to give away free Iftar Meal Packs worth BDT 100++ with every EasyLoad prepaid recharge worth BDT 99. The Iftar Packs would be distributed within 4 days of each refill at Walk-in Centres, Robi Sheba Partners, or at Robi Brand Promoters’ shops. Along with the Iftar Pack, subscribers would also get extra talk time, SMSs and other bonuses. The back end demands and management behind this campaign were heavy duty to ensure that subscribers experienced complete ease and convenience when claiming their rewards.


To keep track of the mass of subscribers claiming their Iftar packs as well as to manage recurring revenue during the festive campaign period,

SSD-TECH built the Robi Sheba Desk (RSD) Automation module in semi-real time that helped process all postpaid refills and generate reports on revenue collection. Its sophisticated CDR processing capability enabled Robi to detect all refills and offer other special services and bonuses for smooth roll out of their Ramadan campaign.


The main highlight was the identification of eligibility in near real-time, which provided an interface for all retail outlets to verify eligibility in real-time. It was a fully operational system running over SMS which had very quick deployment, and was convenient to all stakeholders with a fast rollout.


SSD-TECH created a flexible application across web, mobile Internet, USSD and SMS channels. With it came a configurable state for how data was viewed, variables were added, parts were modified, and roles were created or assigned to alert, update and inform users throughout the campaign period. From the point of credit top-up to the point of gift collection, there needed to be a system in place whereby a single MSISDN would validate its eligibility through the SMS administrator. The gifts needed to be claimed within a specified period from the time of validation before it became void. Adding on to the Iftar gift were little surprises like extra talk time or SMSs that were randomly generated and given to eligible customers.


The key deliverables and technologies implemented include:

    Only certain numbers of MSISDN in WiC, RSP, BP at RFL could send SMS claims. This list of numbers was initially provided by Robi spanning over its 600 Delivery Agents. There would be another list for Admins. After the system went live, if further addition of Delivery Agents was needed, it could be added by Admins via SMS. After recharging, users, who did not receive the gift SMS (due to delay in SMSC or other issues), could send an SMS to check on the status of their Ramadan gift – whether they were eligible or not, whether it was delivered etc.
    There would be a report on gift and delivery status in CSV format. The report would be generated every day at 5 PM in certain locations using the RSD system, containing important details or fields like Serial No, Voucher ID, MSISDN, Refill Amount, MSISDN of the Recharge Retailer, Area Code of the Recharge Retailer, Refill Time, Package (Prepaid/Postpaid), Delivery Status, Gift Code, Delivery Agent MSISDN (when status is delivered) and Delivery Time.
    From checking eligible subscribers (every 5/10 minutes), to sending confirmation push SMSs, checking the package of the MSISDN, generating unique gift codes to include in the confirmation SMS, validating and verifying subscribers’ claims and even generating SMS replies for valid claims, the RFD system helped support the entire process – end to end.
    Usually, a project of this scale would take at least 12 to 14 man-days to complete – from creating the user-flow to development, performance testing, UAT and operations handover. But considering this was a unique situation requiring quick and robust roll-out, ssd-tech employed its most expert resources in parallel activities so that the campaign could be completed within 4 working days.

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