Voting Platform – Bhutan


Around the end of 2011, the Bhutanese were running two national reality shows called the ‘Bhutan Talent Hunt Show’ and ‘Males – Bhutan’. Organized by Mila Tobgay of Mila Communication. The Bhutan Talent Hunt Show was a nation-wide search for young talented children in the country between the ages of 7 and 14 who showed promising potential for singing, acting and dancing.


According to Mila, the show would be an ideal platform for undiscovered young stars in Bhutan featuring different themes for every episode. Besides discovering and showcasing new talents, as well as building children’s self esteem in the arts (music, singing and dancing), the Bhutan Talent Show would help solve one major challenge for the Bhutanese – that of keeping young children occupied during their winter vacation rather than spending their time loafing around.


Towards that very objective, the shows needed a good voting and interactive platform to engage young fans and talents, enabling them to vote for their favorite stars.


  • SSD-TECH delivered efficient process integration of tele-voting SMS and IVR that was easily accessible for voters all over Bhutan, and easily implemented by 2 major operators.
  • The service provider could define & configure any voting contest in this platform and  the platform was able to configure voting keyword, contestant, episodes, validity period, charging, revenue reporting, result, and everything else associated with voting.
  • Bhutanese could participate in, vote and engage with their favorite reality show as mobile phones show the highest penetration rate in the country compared to other channels of delivery and connection. They could further do so at a very cost effective rate, which was important especially for the younger audience.


A great promoter of local arts and all-rounded education, the Bhutan Talent Show proved to be a popular platform among youth during a period most favorable to them: winter vacation! Instead of spending their time loitering around, the youth of the country could engage with their favorite stars by voting their chosen ones in, as well as not lose the love for their beloved culture – played out in rigsar, boadra and zhungdra songs, among other local performances. By providing the platform for them to do so, ssd-tech helped warm the heart of Bhutan during its coldest period.


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