Intelligent Network Management in ubiquitous communication world and Good Data Simplification Tool for your Next Big Leap!

In continuation to its innovative use of technology to deliver functional excellence, ssd-tech joins this CommunicAsia with its new flagship products – ONUBHA and BI-Ferret. SSD-TECH always seeks to explore the changing context of the business and apply technology innovatively to bring out the most rewarding solution. Both ONUBHA and BI-Ferret comes off this DNA of ssd-tech and are solutions for the next big leap.


Onubha Content and IP Services Gateway
is the aide to manage our communications needs in the changed context of internet. “Internet has evolved from ‘a network of connected computers’ to ‘a new way of accessing, interacting and connecting with content & people with varying preferences’. It’s evident that you cannot do away with interacting with this massive web of contents and people…and of course, you don’t want even! All you need is to avail and interact with it in a more personalized way.” said Mr. Firoze M Zahidur Rahman, CEO of SSD-TECH.” Onubha understands this well. And it enables you to do it in the exact way how you want it to be done” he added.


Onubha considers communications infrastructure as a system to support the consumption of contents and services over IP network delivered across voice, sms, web and applications. Onubha is a communications gateway for contents and services.


The core content and service delivery channels that Onubha handles are – Voice over IP, SMS, Web and Applications. Besides acting as the content and service delivery gateway, Onubha, at its core, looks out the security, routing and profiling of the content and services. Plus, it takes care of the infrastructure resource management e.g. bandwidth for users, devices and applications. Besides managing the conventional internet infrastructure, Onubha is also a prodigy to serve the mobile telecommunications environment through M3UA, BICC, SCCP, MAP and CAP Protocols.

suite provides instructive meaning to every collected data regarding the market and customers. It helps turn information into actionable insights that inform the organization what customers want, who to target, when to strike and how best to do it. The Ferret BI Suite also processes TXT, CSV, XML, URL, Excel and Database table (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL) files in the data warehouse for extraction, transformation and loading (ETL). It is built on SQL Server 2008,, JavaScript, JQuery, Java, HTML5 and CSS.


With Ferret BI Suite, it makes the decision makers in your organization to confidently plan and make effective strategic business moves to explore different dynamic markets. More than just a mere BI platform, it also connects you to an affordable third party consultant.


SSD-TECH’s focus has always been to come up with simple and friendly solutions empowering users to leverage on the changing context of the life and live a better tomorrow. Onubha and BI-Ferret are ssd’s flagships this year!


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