SSD-TECH Becomes the Business Operations Partner for VAS with Telenor Myanmar

After serving the top telecoms of Bangladesh and Malaysia with its VAS platform and services, SSD-TECH is moving in to serve the telecom landscape of Myanmar.  Telenor Myanmar has selected SSD-TECH Ltd. to be the single Business Operations Partner for its Value Added Services (VAS’s). SSD-TECH will launch Value Added services (VAS) in Telenor Myanmar in different channels i.e. SMS, IVR, WAP, Apps and Channel Agnostic. Channel Agnostic means one VAS will be available under various channels. These VAS’s will cover entertainment, infotainment and information services in partnership with various Content Providers (CP’s) with a special focus on those based in Myanmar. As the Business Operations Aggregator, SSD-TECH will keep liaison with Technical Operations Aggregator to ensure smooth implementation. Partnership with different CPs will be maintained through tri-patriate agreement among SSD-TECH, Telenor Myanmar and CPs.  The target is to maintain the ongoing SMS services and keep rolling out new services and ready services proposed by Telenor Myanmar.


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