Content and IP Services Gateway

The very first thing I do after waking up in the morning is looking at the mobile phone – I look for new emails, messages and social network updates and then only I get out of bed. If I am a bit late to wake up, I even reply some mails, make some calls and often attend some conference calls from home itself or on the way to work. I look at my kid – his school sends assignments and updates through their collaboration tools. They submit assignments online. He plays video games online with his friends. Home entertainment is also through online movies and music. Life for many of us is more or less like this.


Work life has also changed. We have distributed teams across different geographic locations. The storage, email systems, communication and collaboration tools have moved to the cloud across many devices.


Our devices have also started going to the internet on their own. Our interactions with the devices have also changed and we have become more dependent on a system of connected devices. Internet is no longer just a network of connected PCs or Servers. The global communication network that we all call ‘internet’ has changed as an enabler of interactions with contents and services.


Onubha Content and IP Services Gateway is the aide to manage our communications needs in this changed context. Onubha considers communications infrastructure as a system to support the consumption of contents and services over IP network delivered across voice, SMS, web and applications. It is a communications gateway for contents and services.


The core content and service delivery channels that Onubha handles are – Voice over IP, SMS, Web and Applications. Besides acting as the content and service delivery gateway, Onubha, at its core, looks out the security, routing and profiling of the content and services. Plus, it takes care of the infrastructure resource management e.g. bandwidth for users, devices and applications. In addition to IP, Onubha is also a prodigy to serve the mobile telecommunications environment through M3UA, BICC, SCCP, MAP and CAP Protocols.


Key features and benefits

Besides the changing context of communication and connected devices, with the increased dependency on them, we need to manage the communication infrastructure well. Regardless of the size of organization or business volume we need to manage communication infrastructure for content and services consumption.


The key features and benefits delivered by Onubha are




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