IP PBX – Signaling Gateway

The Signaling Gateway is responsible for signaling information related to call establishment, billing, location, short messages, address conversion, and other services. Onubha Signaling Gateway provides simplified cost effective, reliable and very high volume connectivity for IVR services. It provides the means to bridge the SS7 network from the Mobile Operators with SIP based IP networks. It also supports traditional E1 based connectivity. Signaling Gateway Provides interworking between BICC/ISUP and SIP. Signaling Gateway (SGW) receives signal from G/MSS as IPBICC messages, translate these to SIP messages and send to Call Handler. And thus, bridging communications in between.

Salient Features

  • Support SIP and SIGTRAN/BICC
  • Capable of converting from SIP to BICC (vice versa)
  • Can associate with multiple signaling gateway
  • Support SNMP based alert notification

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