Charging Management



Every Mobile VAS service offered to a telecom subscriber generally has a charging modality. All Services require charging subscribers. On a very high level, Services Charging scope is constrained by the commonalities among the Service Node Capabilities and Charging System Components Capabilities. Subscriber is charged for the telecom service used (e.g. Voice/Video Call, SMS, and Data etc.) and on top of that, service specific or content specific charges can be applied as well. Services are offered for all types of users. Some User Group can be registered to any Subscription based Service or Unregistered. Based on this type, Service Charging can be different. User is charged for a Service based on its Price plan.


SSD-TECH offers a dynamic charging solution for mobile VAS services. Charging Gateway sits between the Services and IN/Billing and provides charging facilities to the end consumers. SSD-TECH’s Charging Gateway can offers subscription based, pay per user or even mix mode charging. In Subscription based services, user pays a fixed subscription fees for a certain period for the service. In pay per use model, there is no fixed commitment or fixed payment but the user will be charged by his or her service consumption. In mix mode, both modalities are applied. Sometimes, different price plans are offered for subscribed/registered users and different price plans are used for unregistered users.



Key Features

  • Pulse calculation and charging according to pulse
  • Capability to feature multiple charging structure
  • Calculation of VAT and other charges
  • Flexibility of charging a wide range of values at different times
  • Facilitates the integration between the IN and billing
  • Differential Charging by group
  • MT Charging & reverse MT charging
  • Subscription based charging
  • Content Specific charging

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