CP / VASP Solution

Content Providers (CP) and VAS Service Provider (VAS-P) are making today’s VAS industry more interesting by providing different and innovative contents and services. To meet the never-ending needs of the subscribers, they need to improve continuously their service designs. With so many telecommunication service providers with different VAS platforms and technologies, the challenge has become more complex. To deal with such complexities, ssd-tech has innovated highly customized Unified Gateway for CPs and VAS-Ps. Unified Gateway comes with an easy-to-use configuration and connectivity management portal. This portal makes it possible to manage the connectivity with different telecom service providers from a single point. It also provides them the flexibility of maintaining different services and contents using the same web panel.


Besides this, Unified Gateway also provides centralized content management facility where the CP can upload the contents once but they can be used for different telecom operators. This unique feature can help the CP to reduce the complexity and time for uploading contents. This version of Unified Gateway is also equipped with Mobile Advertisement Facility, where the CP or VAS-P can design, execute and monitor different SMS and outbound dialing (OBD) based campaigns. It also can track the performance of the campaign by providing real-time subscription campaign. Besides this, Unified Gateway also provides real-time Revenue Report, Node Log Reports, Charging & Subscription Reports.


CP / VASP Model


Key Features

  • Web based Service Management Platform
  • Web based IVR Call Flow Design Tool
  • Flexible Pricing & Promotion Design
  • Single Provisioning Platform
  • Centralized Content Management Platform
  • Dynamic Charging Support
  • Provides web based revenue, node wise, charging & subscription report
  • All reports can be download in Excel & CSV format

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