Partner/CP Portal

All Telecom operators works with multiple Content Provides or Content Partners. SSD-TECH partner service portals provides a single platform for all the partners or content providers to view their service’s performance, revenue or even provides necessary data for forecasting revenue. Through this portal service owner will know overall status of their service like what is the sub base of the service, day wise total hits and revenue, node wise hits etc. Through this Partner portal, this type of reports are easily accessible and visible. Service owner needs to take different business decisions every now and then like when and how to promote their service, what type of content they should produce etc. This portal will facilitate them to take those decisions.Since different types of reports that are available in this portal are generated real-time, it allows service owner to take important business decisions quickly. Using this report, service owner can see the subscription reports. This is a very important report for the service owner if their service is under subscription. Through this report, they will know what their subscriber base is, the number of new registrations or de-registrations in a day. Whenever service owner is running a campaign or promoting their service, they need to know the response of the end user. With this report, they can always monitor the overall status and if required they can change their plan accordingly. 


Key Features

  • Single sign in to view all Reports
  • Provides real-time subscriptions information
  • Allow monitoring & measurement of promotion or campaign result
  • Provides subscription status reports
  • Time & day wise revenue reports
  • Can monitor no of hits & also total minutes of usages
  • Provides node log reports to monitor revenue earnings from specific content
  • All reports can be download in excel & CSV format

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