4 Opportunities that we can get by capitalizing on consumer interaction experience

by : Firoze M Zahidur Rahman

I am a food lover. Food is an experience – a journey to me. Interestingly enough, it is not only the quality of food that makes this journey memorable. It is much more than that. Let me explain further. There are two restaurants near my house – both serves similar food which are relatively good in terms of food quality with individual specialties. But I will always visit that one specific restaurant regularly and I almost never step into the other restaurant. One day the owner of another restaurant bumped into me at the entrance and said –“It is not fair bro! Do visit us sometimes as well”. I responded with a smile and continuously visit his competitor the next day. Sometimes I wonder– what is the X-factor that makes one restaurant stand out from the other when the quality of the food and ambience are comparatively similar. Finally I realize, the interaction experience was the contribution factor. The shop owner and his staff seems more friendly and approachable which makes me feels more comfortable and at home. Apart from that, I feels the positive and passionate energy from the people who served me when I am eating in the shop. For this, I feel more comfortable selecting and even asking for small changes like “less/more spicy”, “add/remove sugar” etc.


Everyone will agree that having good consumer interaction experience is a key driver for any business. It directly relates to better business. Yet, we can see many business that do not pay enough attention to proper consumer interaction experience. I won’t dig deeper to find the reason as I would rather emphasize on how we can capitalize on this consumer interaction experience.

  1. Positioning the offerings – consumer interactions are great opportunity where we can position our products – value proposition. Buying decision is always a buyer’s decision. As a sales person the best I can do is a fantastic positioning. Consumer Interaction enables me to position my offerings nicely.
  2. New Opportunity Identification – Interactions opens up the opportunity to know our consumer. A good interaction experience helps the consumer to open up and get engaged. This candid engagement enables to tailor the delivery as per consumer’s expectation.
  3. Usability Enrichment – knowing how consumers interacts with our product. Consumer Interaction helps us to understand about the reaction of our offering. We can identify – why a consumer uses/consumes our product or service.
  4. Tailoring the delivery – this can be the key differentiator. We can come up with tailored product and service delivery styles that will cater to individual consumer need.

Even with so much of value it becomes quite challenging for us to focus on consumer interaction. Three main challenges are

  1. Identification of consumer – in many cases it become difficult to meaningfully and conveniently identify the consumer. This becomes a major challenge for a business since it requires additional effort from consumer to identify himself to the business. Registration process to some system is generally considered as an extra effort from consumer point of view. But if I cannot identify consumers properly and easily no further knowledge extraction can be done based on consumer interaction.
  2. Tracking and storing interaction data in an organized and meaningful way is another big challenge. It has to be done with minimal business process overhead so that it remains convenient for the consumer to interact keeping the experience intact.
  3. Analyzing and extracting the knowledge out of interaction data will enable the business to capitalize on interaction data. It requires good business and technology understanding to analyze and extract the knowledge out of the interaction data. Often it requires several iteration to identify the interaction parameters that finally reflects true customer intents and preference.

Compared to physical product lines – it is relatively easier to overcome the challenges in technology product and service lines. But, whatever the challenges are – active listening to the consumer interaction data always gives excellent business opportunity.
The author is the CEO of ssd-tech. He can be reached at jewel@ssd-tech.com.

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