Automated Outbound Dialing (OBD): A tool that easing digital marketing reach

by : Mehedi Hasan Sumon

Digital Marketing has become a twenty first century must have. Brands, publishers, agencies, and technology vendors — virtually the entire advertising ecosystem – have been shifted their focus & goal to digital marketing, in the recent years. As digital marketing has become popular in Western World, it’s become somehow easy for the advertisers to connect to their potential client over internet, social media & mobile advertising.


However in Asia, digital marking still lagging behind from its expected reach. As the internet coverage is still very basic in this part of the world, also cost of internet & supported hardware (e.g. laptop, smart phone or tabs) is still not very affordable for the mass people. In rural parts of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal still a huge number of people do not even encounter their first experience with the wonders of internet or satellite TVs. In rural Myanmar, many of them do not even have a SIM card to use, even though some of them have mobile phone sets without any SIM cards.


So, it’s nearly impossible to tap this huge population in this part of the world with any digital adverting or even printed advertising campaign. To ease this huge barrier, mobile phone base advertising has a better potential here. Then again, in the western world, SMS blast or in app advertisement has shown proven success. But here in Asia, as majority of the people are not familiar with roman alphabets & English language, SMS & app based advertisement still under performing. To ease this problems and to tap this huge population, voice based advertisement like Automatic Outbound Dialing (OBD) has become the unsung hero.


In Bangladesh, Indian or even in Malaysian Migrant market OBD has proved its success to promote Value Added Services and also consumer products marketing. With the 3G mobile coverage now it is possible to promote product & services by using Video OBD. To receive, Video OBD, the users will only need a video call supported mobile and he or she will not need any data or internet connection. By providing a direct audio & video presentation, Video OBD has got the height likelihood to become the most engaging digital marketing tool.


Mehedi Hasan Sumon
Engineering Manager

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