by : Firoze M Zahidur Rahman

“Information Age” – few years back this was a very trendy term to talk about and somehow now we are probably completely inside it. This has become a kind of Business As Usual for all of us. We have information all around us and every single communication is trying to draw our attention in all possible way. The competition to get the attention from the target people was never so competitive I believe. Gradually in course of time, this is becoming even harder. The window of attention for today’s consumer has become very small. Slightest slip or distraction can take the target consumer’s attention away from the mighty content that was produced with enormous effort.


Consumer’s window of attention in mobile and digital world is even lesser than the physical world. Access to the “infinity” has created the habit of “hoping around” like never before in the mobile and digital world. It is no longer usability for the contents that we present to users. It has become a fight to get attention first – the fight to get noticed. And afterwards the challenge becomes even more difficult – deliver the content within the consumer’s window attention. Creating the impact through short and simple content has never been so important than before.


But the question is – how do we measure if our content is simple and short enough. The risk of being unnoticed is bundled together with the opportunity of being short and simple. Usability data generation and analyzing them for building better contents can be a great way to achieve this. In the multimedia (Voice and Video) content services – analyzing the consumer time spent on different content helps to identify the response towards the content produced. Usage Analytics helps the service and content producers to improve the service flow specially the user interaction and content quality to keep the user consuming the content till its end. This analysis becomes more important in case of advertising materials specially to tune up the media spending using a specific marketing material.


Integrated Service Management Platform from SSD-Tech implemented its content consumption data generation since 2012. The feature was previously being used for identification of revenue share among multiple content providers for a single service. In combination with the Business Intelligence process, the impact of the contents are now also being measured for different services based on this data. Remarkable improvement in terms of content consumption has also created significant improvement in the revenue figures for Voice Portal, Mobile Radio and similar content based services in 2013 as a result of this analytics implementation.


Probably we are not very from the days when creativity (or at least creativity for a purpose) will also be measured using some numeric scale.


Firoze M Zahidur Rahman

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