by : Firoze M Zahidur Rahman

Convenience is a great selling factor now a days. I shouldn’t be really mark it for present only – it was in fact a selling factor always. But recently we are experiencing it everywhere. As a whole, consumers are willing to pay even a bit extra for their own convenience.


When we use the word “convenience” it actually lies in a grey area. What convenience actually means?
As a service consumer – to me convenience is – dealing in my own terms. Again this “own terms” can be quite blur. How well do we know our “own terms”? And in many situations even getting things for free may not be considered as “own term”. Probably convenience comes with the liberty to choose through a well-informed situation. Probably convenience also comes through having the terms within the stretchable reach specially when it comes to payment – this is where micro payment and subscription payments come into the picture. Besides, for technology services specially the cost associated with consumption of services is also a significant discomfort zone for any consumer e.g. maintaining own infrastructure or hardware/software to consume a service is quite an added headache for many. Most importantly often we do not really see the direct value associated with these additional cost and overhead elements. So as a whole – getting the service or product as a package with minimum possible lead time to start using it (i.e. generating benefit out of the product or services) at the affordable price range can be the other name of convenience.


Mobile Value Added Services is a great example of convenience selling. Getting notified for the banking transaction, paying the bills, consuming regular breaking news or dialing and listening to the concrete to the point information on the go is nothing but selling the convenience. Paying for every consumption may disturb some – this is quite well eliminated through subscription plans. Regular information push to the consumer instead of every time initiating a request for the service adds another layer to it. In today’s world whatever service we produce must ease out something from the consumer point of view. It is all about selling the comfort and convenience – may be in terms of ease of consumption or ease of payment or however we would like to position or look at it.


Firoze M Zahidur Rahman

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