Radio 2008: Initiative to Solve Music Piracy in Bangladesh

by : Mehedi Hasan Sumon

The digital revolution has brought about many conveniences in our daily lives, especially in music, with the evolution of cassette players to the slim and slick CDs. However, as of now, even CDs have proved to be outdated with its sales statistics changing at an alarming rate as of late as most people now prefer only to receive digital copies of their favorite music albums, and less interested in lugging around piles of CD’s and figuring where to store them when their music preferences change 5 years later. This desire from consumers for digital copies has led to an increased availability and higher ease of pirating the music.  Essentially, this means that the Music industry has been losing large portions of their revenue, as consumers simply refuse to pay for their music, and instead opt to download illegally instead. These losses are huge as the music industry is one of the largest industries around.


With the modernization of Music industry, pricey has become a big problem in south Asia. In Bangladesh, 90% of the CDs, DVDs and VCDs sold in the local market is pirated and the artiste or music industry as a whole is not getting anything from those. In India and Pakistan the situation is all most same. In Bhutan, however, the situation is so worst that, the music producers do not bother producing any CD or DVD. All the music produced there are free and uploaded only in the websites, where the user can download for free. This overall situation is making the whole music industry bad, so the music labels are losing their interests to produce music CDs. As the music industry is not profitable at all, it is losing its glamor as well. So talented younger artiste are not coming to this field any more. If this continues, soon the music industry will become meritless.


To overcome this situations, SSD-TECH is bringing in a mobile-based radio – Radio 2008. The users will able to listen this radio just by dialing 2008 from any mobile in Bangladesh. For the data-savvy smart phone users, SSD-TECH has also bringing in a WAP site, where the users will able to listen live streaming of any music by visiting User will also able to download any music from the WAP site just registering for the service by sending SMS. A weekly subscription change will be charged to users. All the subscription fees earned by this services, will be distributed to the artistes and also to the respective music labels. To make this service a successful one, SSD-TECH has already established its own recording studio and music label. This recording studio and music label will work with all established artistes and singers as well as for the newer generation who has got the talent. For the upcoming musicians, SSD-TECH will also produce music CDs to boost their fame and also by promoting the CDs using OBD, SMS blast and also by doing roadshow in different places.


Mehedi Hasan Sumon
Engineering Manager

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