SMS based micro-payment for games & apps

by : Mehedi Hasan Sumon

Games & Mobile application development has shifted its orientation from the North America & Europe to South & South East Asia. In the recent few years, numbers of apps & games developed in Asia, already superseded the numbers developed in North America. But yet, monetization is still very much difficult here. As most of these countries has a very strict remittance policy, it’s not always very easy to do an online transaction or use a credit or debit card. Moreover, most of the users, still feel insecure to use their credit & debit card or to perform online purchase.


Another big problem of monetization is supporting platform, Apple’s iTunes & Google’s Play Store, which are the biggest app store at the moment, does not support paid application or games marketing in most of the countries in Asia. So, most of the developers and start-ups, do not have way to monetize their apps.


To solve this issue, SMS based micro-payments can be the most simple but vivid solution. This SMS based payment can be done from user’s mobile credits, so they do not need to use any debit or credit card, or they do not even need a bank account. Besides, this SMS based charging can be done for any amount starting from few cents, as little as US$ 0.0001 to a few cents. Apart from this, recurring charging also can be implement very easily.


With this SMS micro-payments, developers & small start-ups will able to monetize their product or games easily. They will even able to sell various content like music, drama or even ring tones, almost without any hassle. Payments will be easily charged by SMS micro-payment gateway, and they will get their cut from the gateway provider.


Mehedi Hasan Sumon
Engineering Manager

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