by : Nazmul Hasan

The “Philosopher’s stone” for your business’s mass communications.

Contrary to the perception that management and circulation of Short Message Service (SMS) is a “domain” of the tech-savvy, telecom people, it is actually becoming a very handy tool of the marketing/PR role(s) of even an SME/SOHO. They are now sending 1000’s of SMSs to their desired target group(s) – any time, from anywhere! It now has become one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reach your prospects/consumers to talk about your product/service, offers, events and what not! What has made this single-point mass communications so easy is that you now avoid hours of taxing manual phone calls or e-mail blasts that run the risk of putting your idea in junk (mail)? (one argument may come up that how SMS blast is more effective than e-mail blast…just take the comparison – “98% of text messages are read, compared to 22% of emails, 29% of tweets and 12% of Facebook posts”1 AND Kaspersky Lab found that “more than 70% of email sent in Q2 was actually spam”2. Clearly, chances of success through SMS is simply much higher than that through e-mail!

By 2014, the number of active cell phones have reached 7.3 billion3. Enterprises over the world have realized the huge potential of interacting with the clients, suppliers, partners and employees using bulk SMS. It is an effective way to let customer allowing more exposure of the concerned parties. As the above-referred research saying about 98% of people, who receive SMSs, at least opens it, even if s/he reads only the first line and then discards it, half (or more) exposure to the marketing communication is done which is one of the key goals of marketing – making the prospects aware with the product etc. Apart from the enterprises, consumer also want to get offers/events through SMS. Surveying for over 3 months, taking in 1,360 consumers asking “Would you like to receive texts from companies alerting you to offers that they have sent you by email?”, over 75% consumers responded in positive4. Over the world, many of Network/organization with large number of users/consumer are using SMS to verify their users/consumers. As the impression left is quite high than many other channels, this is becoming an increasingly popular tool for enterprises of all sizes and sectors eying to market their products or create awareness by optimizing the cost.

For global companies, a dimension of challenge gets in when your clients are dispersed around the globe. It then becomes technically challenging to blast your SMS from one panel to reach out all of them. Currently over the world, there are more than 960 mobile networks across 220 countries and territories5. Your consumers may spread over more than a hundred operators. Also, the confirmation of SMS delivery is also to be ascertained.

SSD-TECH’s SMS Server (SMSS) is a single-point, robust and most-handy SOLUTION for your SMS-based customer reach tool no matter how dispersed your customers are and what mobile operator they are connected to. SMSS can reach a pool of 500+ operators around the world and can manage 1000+ outbound routes helping you choose the least cost route(s) for your target segments. It also allows you proper and interactive logging to get runtime snapshots of the system. Its interactive web panel serves as a strong reporting tool that gives the visibility of TPS (Transaction per Second), parameters like “Attempted”, “Delivered”, “Not Delivered due to invalid number”, “Failed”, “Received” etc. What is even more convenient is that we expose our HTTP API that a client web application can hit and send SMS directly via the gateway.

The SMSS in effect can become a “Philosopher’s stone” for your business solving thousand communications need in a few clicks! With our SMS Gateway, your SMS marketing tools or bulk SMS Business or Customer acquisition or high volume SMS sending could meet up your expectations.
Mr. Nazmul Hasan is a Sr. Solution Delivery Engineer of System Solution & Development Technology Limited ( He can be reached at

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