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by : Rubiyat Salam

Thriving on the Human Capacity of the Organization

While imbuing the required skillset in your resources enables them to do what they are responsible for, taking up the responsibility to really drive and produce magic is not only about skills. It’s the organizational temperament that decides if the capable resources are “levered up” to become “willing agents” driving organizational capacity into organizational habit of producing magic. With ever-evolving innovations resulting into a very tight time-to-market, it is perhaps most critical for the IT enterprises to have this blend of ability and willingness among its resources. SSD-TECH’s FACES is the campaign directed towards infusing the culture in which the resources will live the values required to drive their skillsets independently as well as collectively to be leader in the industry.


An acronym for 5 values, FACES guides the approach, attitude and human qualities SSD-TECH sees to be critical to thrive. F stands for “Fostering Innovation” as we see “innovation” or “innovative use” to be a key differentiator for a leadership entity. It’s not about innovating individually…also it’s about creating an collaborative environment which fosters the team to innovate. A denotes “Analytical and Conceptual Thinking” that we want all our resources to practice. We believe this is what facilitates innovation and is at the core of intellectual inputs from the resources. Encouraging their intellectual inputs builds up their own professional equity as well as significantly enriches the organizational intellectual capacity. C denotes “Customer Orientation” of FACES and ensures that whatever the resources do, they do it putting their feet in customers’ shoes. A tremendous innovation may fail unless customers are able to derive direct and measurable benefits from that. In our projects with our customer, we never deny to stretch even if that pushes us to go beyond the working scope to generate value for customers. E or “Entrepreneurial Thinking and Influencing Others” spurs from the philosophy of inclusiveness. We want all our resources to think from the vantage point of entrepreneurship on the projects they work on. It’s not that they are only ‘serving’ in a project, rather, they need to take charge of its success and failure. When all your resources are taking such attitude towards their projects and are rightly rewarded, you take the productivity of your organization to altogether a different height. While the above four competencies are mostly of individual skills, S – Strengthening Collaboration and Teamwork – brings in the team-value to the resources. To grow together, we have to collaborate with all the stakeholders and then move forward as a team.


Now, how do the resources understand, act and live these values? Any resource can greet and reward any of his colleagues with a High-Five whenever s/he demonstrate any of the above values…the memento for a High-Five is a disk with that value printed on it that one can display on the FACES board on their table. A pair of High-Five’s in a month earns a WOW – a lanyard-pin that we wear on our lanyard for the next month. Consecutive 3 WOW’s makes the holder an ACE (or the “Value Champion”) and they get an altogether different lanyard and ID holder differentiating them from others. The statuses are not ever lasting. To retain the status, resources have to continuously perform and demonstrate acting and living the values.


The buoyance and positive energy of FACES is not from these mementos…the real synergy is coming from the recognition resources are getting from peers and seniors instantly and seeing their right efforts generating value for the company. On the 3rd month after the launch of FACES, we see the attitude of the resources taking a paradigm shift in terms of their outlook towards what they do and the amount of efforts coming from them. Producing magic does not seem to be far!


Mr. Rubiyat Salam is the Head of Capacity Building of SSD-TECH. He can be reached at

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