Thank you for being with us

by : Firoze M Zahidur Rahman

Once I heard about a saying – “In a relationship it feels best when your partner celebrates your success”. We were honored and blessed to celebrate the 10th year of ssd-tech with all our best relationships. Thank you – Your presence meant a lot!


With all the blessings, contribution and support from of all of our partners, ssd-tech is a company serving across South East Asia and Asia Pacific with Development Centers in Malaysia and Bangladesh. Today we serve more than 15 Mobile Operators, 14 Financial Institutions and Large Brands like BBC, Petronas and BAT. We have more than 10 million unique subscribers using our services every month and the number is growing every day. Today we are serving in Telecom, Finance, Diamond, Petroleum and Tobacco industry.


SSD-TECH is a combination of business and technology. It is about Technology for Functional Excellence. We are obsessed with the value that can be brought in to the functionality by using technology. We were never with flow only. We never thought of taking an easy way. We dared to believe in our thoughts and follow what our heart told us to do. We do things that excites us and we are fully committed to it.


When we started with our telecom product line we started as a platform software developer who used to build their solution on top of renowned gateway vendors and their protocol stacks. With the encouragements from the mentors and from the experience we gradually developed our own core telecom protocol stacks, combined our business process learnings from enterprise sector with the pricing intelligence of financial industry – and finally ended up introducing the single platform combining the 360 degree needs of any telecom VAS industry player. Which many of you know as SIVR or Intelligent Service Management Platform (ISMP) running for last couple of years.


I am happy to announce our latest introduction in the portfolio. We have designed a single hardware to serve as the single gateway for all of your Data, Voice and SMS needs. We launched the product in CommunicAsia 2014.


SSD-TECH is a projection of a dream that all of us wished to come true. It is a result of the unconditional faith and trust that all of you put forward in us. It was a baton passed to us by all the people who wanted us to carry it forward. And I believe we could honor the faith and trust and will be taking it further to the best interest of all.


Best Regards.
Firoze M Zahidur Rahman

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