Unified Smart School: Nurturing Talents through Technology

by : Mehedi Hasan Sumon

These days, Information & Telecommunication Technology has become a powerful tool. To leverage the school educational system with modern technology, ssd-tech has invented Unified Smart School system. This smart school system brings in the flexibility to offer services via Web, App, SMS and also over the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. This smart school benefits both students and their parents by bringing them close to the school and by delivering lessons and other educational contents over various media.   In Malaysia, 88% school students have access to internet either at home or at school, and, on an average, they use internet for 8 hours weekly. 68% users mainly use internet for social media and other entertainment purposes. On the other hand, 49% of students claim that they have been bullied online by someone. Some other reports have shown that students have a high tendency to use internet only for entertainment purposes; some of them even browse pornographic sites; but only a small portion of the users use internet for educational purposes.   Smartphone penetration is also very encouraging in Malaysia with more than 55% school students having either 3G or 4G supported mobile phones. However, it was found that 89% of these users use mobile phones only for entertainment purposes. Only a few of them are currently using mobile phones either for connecting with people for educational purpose or for collecting educational resources. A research conducted by University Technology Mara shows that 87% of those students actually believe that mobile learning can play a vital role to improve Malaysian school education.   Unified Smart School is an initiative of ssd-tech to provide safer internet connectivity to the Malaysian schoolchildren by monitoring internet usage, managing bandwidth, controlling internet access and by preventing the network from unwanted access by providing firewall services. Apart from that, this system also can help them improve their learning process by providing interactive reading materials over Voice Call, Video Call and Video Conferencing. It also can provide the students an opportunity to listen and review audio and video lectures after school hours by browsing IVR portals and websites.   For the parents, Unified Smart School also can have a different IVR portal where they can get interactive IVR responses on any school and study related materials or even they can communicate with the teachers by using that same IVR portal. The system also has the capability to deliver bulk SMS and Out Bound calls to the students or parents for any emergency. Students will also be able to retrieve their exam results by sending SMS to a certain number.   In the days ahead, Unified Smart School system is bringing in a paradigm shift in the Malaysian School system by providing service delivery platform over Internet, IVR and SMS channel and by providing a secure and safe internet connectivity to the school.   Mehedi Hasan Sumon Engineering Manager www.ssd-tech.com  

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